„Wise man say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you.“

This is well known love song „Can’t help falling in love.“


A smart man may benefit from the world, but in a world of enlightenment, knowledge is rather a hindrance. Rather, the foolish side is much more helpful.


The reason is simple, if you change the word „love“ to the title of the song to truth or enlightenment, then it become „can’t help falling in true.“


What we often confuse is knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is to artificially learn and memorize the results of books left behind by people who lived first in school or society to live as human beings, and to learn what is outside within me.


Wisdom is what lies before the thought that was in us from the beginning, and not something brought in from outside, but that the water of the dry pond naturally rises from the ground and overflows. What you can get is something you can lose someday, but you can’t lose because wisdom is not what you get.

In other words, everyone has wisdom, but it is only revealed when the curtain of thought is lifted.


Therefore, I think it is wise to understand what is expressed as wise here as a smart person.

If you look into the meaning of being smart, it means being sensible and seems to be beneficial because it works quite well in life, but as a result, it is not always the case, but rather the risk in important situations in life.


Back to the story of the song, love is the crystallization of all emotions. If you look inside love, it contains not only feelings of liking, but also hatred, envy, jealousy, and so on, so it is similar to human heart and also to truth.


But if you don’t see love or truth as a whole, but you subdivide it by knowledge and seek your own interests, it gradually becomes ugly and eventually degenerates into something that isn’t.


Because it’s something we never can’t understand ever.


For example, nature always gives us the energy of water and life, but sometimes it takes away everything indiscriminately by force we cannot resist, such as tsunamis and typhoons.


So, is natural love? Is it hate?


The smart man mentioned above is the one who continues to analyze and subdivide love, and the fool is the one who leaves me and jumps right in without any analysis of love.


The biggest enemy in love is pride, and if you give up your pride, you will lose yourself, which will unite with your opponent and lead to an indirect experience without me.


It depends on the person, but in my experience, the higher the person’s fool index, the greater the happiness.


I wake up in the morning and feel happy even though it’s always the same routine, and I feel thankful in everything, and I became love and all.


However, as the love that was one cools down, they become two again, and as I came back again, the pain and fear of separation comes to me.


If you give me a hint, all the pain come together with a great opportunity for enlightenment.


Text by: Zimo Jun, Seoul, Korea

– Shaolin Temple brother of Rainer –