My name is Shi Heng Jin

With a worldly name Rainer Deyhle

And if you want your new Chan master. A Chan master must be like an alarm clock, like the alarm that rings us out of bed in the morning. He should help us to 'wake up', point to a point with his extended finger.

The way life plays, I never wanted to be a Buddhist master, why me?

Deep down, however, I know that I can, must, and not otherwise, fulfill this task.

Over 30 years ago I went to China, to the world-famous Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist monastery in Henan Province. There I lived for a long time with the monks of the monastery, made friends, learned kung fu and came into contact with the teachings of the Buddha.

When Abbot Shi Yong Xin asked me to found Shaolin Temple Germany in 2000, the spirit of the great teacher came closer and closer to me.

A good Chan master, like an onion, can remove one layer of the old person's personality after another, bring the theme of 'enlightenment' to the fore again and again, and help after awakening.

I would like to be your alarm clock, your alarm, the man who accompanies you when you wake up.

Your master, your teacher, your companion on the trip, your friend.

Buddhism in new clothes

It was a long process that made me a Buddhist.

You cannot say that this happened overnight.

In my youth I had no interest in the teaching of the Buddha, I could only smile mildly at people who spoke of karma, enlightenment or rebirth.

Kung-fu made the holy man's philosophy more and more familiar to me, but I didn't take it seriously. But I was more and more interested in his views, the peaceful and calm approach to life made me want more.

My attempts to read into Buddhism were also not necessarily successful. Either I found old texts, written in a long-gone language, not easy to read and hardly understandable, or I found a lot of historical, historical consideration.

I found only the most vague words about the essence of his teaching, enlightenment. I know why today. Buddha himself had never left a guide to awakening and because most of the writers of those writings have not experienced enlightenment themselves.

Without experiences with enlightenment, however, texts on Buddhism should not be written. When my biography "Shaolin-Rainer" appeared in 2019, many people asked me: "Rainer, why don't you put your thoughts on paper"?

As a lawyer, it is not difficult for me to write scriptures, but do I write about Buddha's teachings?

With slight doubts I agreed and this is how my blog was created, which reached millions of people in a very short time and can now be read in over 160 languages ​​around the world.

In my view, Buddhism is not a religion, it is a philosophy and worldview.

Buddha never felt like God, he explicitly said that one should not worship him. He advised his followers to seek enlightenment.

Buddhism in everyday life

Buddhism in everyday life means being mindful in everyday life.

I, Rainer Deyhle, am the first recognized German Shaolin and founded the Shaolin Tempel Deutschland in Berlin and directed it for many years.

I explain the nature of Chan (Zen) Buddhism in a simple and understandable way; the different ways of daily practice are exemplary and easy to understand.

My new book is now in stores!

My friends


I would like to thank all of my friends and acquaintances who have accompanied me through my life and have followed to this day. These are: My parents and daughter, my master Shi Yan Zi, the abbot Shi Yong Xin, Taema, Ta, Tian Tian & FHY, Georg, Rolf Liem, Carsten Ernst, Shi Heng Zong, Melena, Carsten Römer, Jan R., Bin, Heinz, Yannis, Lufti, Michail, Peter, Ümi, Tien Sy, Stefan Hammer, Andre Mewis, Billy, Traudi, Rainer Hackl, Hurz, Romano, Martin, Ashley, Dr. Thing. Special thanks go to my friend Karl Kronmüller, who started the whole thing with the book Shaolin-Rainer, and Sven Beutemann, who pushed me endlessly to start writing for this page.

Shi Yong Xin

Shi Yong Xin

Abbot Shaolin Temple China

Shi Yan Zi

Shi Yan Zi

Senior Master Shaolin Temple UK

Shi Heng Zong

Shi Heng Zong

Abbot Shaolin Temple Kaiserslautern

Shi Heng Yi

Shi Heng Yi

Chief Master of Shaolin Temple Kaiserslautern

My master Shi Yan Zi

The iron monk

The encounter with Yan Zi changed my life a lot. When I spoke to him at the monastery at the time, I didn't know what immense changes this brief moment would have for me. Today Shi Yan Zi leads the Shaolin Temple in England on behalf of the venerable Abbot Shi Yong Xin. Shifu (Master) Shi Yan Zi, is one of the abbot's high school students and a leading GongFu master among the 34th generation Shaolin monks. Shi Yan Zi was educated at the Martial Arts College of Shaolin in 1983 and became a direct student of Abbot Shi Yong Xin in 1987.

Avoiding all evil, creating all good, purifying the senses. This is the Buddha's constant costume.


So Buddhism teaches us responsibility, it shows us that we are entirely responsible for what we do and what we don't, and we cannot blame anyone else for it; that we have to achieve things through our own strength and effort. Buddha shows us a way, but we have to go it ourselves.




Master Shi Yan Yi:


I cannot judge whether my story is interesting for you.

I lived and existed, accepted the challenges, despondent, but always struggled to my feet. A repetition is not possible. I don't want to hide the fact that a certain pride seizes me. Perhaps you can also feel positive things here and take them with you in your thoughts.