Buddhism and your own perception

The self is an illusion, we all play a role. To Shakespeare the world is a stage.

Over time we have merged with the role we play, it has passed into our flesh and blood, we mean the person from the role we are, but have we ever been this person?

The job of a Chan (Zen) master is to peel off this role layer by layer in other people like an onion.

How do we perceive ourselves? And how the world around us? And who is responsible for the way we see ourselves and our surroundings? Do we perceive, so do we honestly see how we and our environment are?

I say: NO

We perceive the world and ourselves from our role, so nothing is true, there is no truth in our perception, only how we want to see it, we see it!

Our ego babbles to itself, so and so the perception has to be, our desires, hopes, expectations, needs and fears have a full impact. We are constantly developing our role, it grows together with the ego.

But we are disappointed if wishes, hopes, expectations and needs are not satisfied, our fears are 'true'.

Yes, disappointment, what are we not always disappointed with.

And who is responsible for all the disappointments in our lives?


Our ego has developed desires, hopes, expectations and needs that cannot be met, we are inevitably disappointed. Because we do not accept life as it is, but always want events as our ego parrots, according to the role.

So we have produced all the disappointments in our lives ourselves, all problems are homemade, self-made.

It doesn't help to complain about problems, disappointments and failures with the gods.

Everything arises from wrong perception, through the ego, which, according to our role, determines thinking, feeling, even acting.

Cause and effect apply here. Which came first, the hen or the egg?

Our ego babbles, the role arises, based on wishes, hopes, expectations and needs.

And the way out?