Buddhism and timing

Imagine that you are driving down a street in your car, a car on the opposite lane gets off the lane, overturns and crashes into your car head-on. Do you see the car overturning towards you?

Or you drive along the same street 2 minutes earlier, if the other car overturns you are already several meters away, nobody crashes into your car, maybe into another car, maybe there is no uninvolved person in the way at the time of the accident that the car overturns but lands on the tire again, the driver gets out of the car uninvolved.

Buddhists say karma, other people luck or bad luck, maybe the word 'coincidence' is used.

It is definitely worth thinking about it, about timing, about our karma.

It doesn't help to ask here:

'Why me, why did he crash into my car?'

'Why didn't I turn on the corner as usual?'

You have no bad luck (or luck), but you have arrived at this place according to your karma, nothing could change your karma, it came as it had to come.

A look at trifles like 'timing' should make us more relaxed, let us see the nature of things, and be an impetus to reflect on important things.

2 minutes or 2 meters, little things can determine life and death, joy or unhappiness.

We can do nothing, nothing remains, everything turns to dust, we, the car, even the road, everything will crumble.

If we think about it, it is much easier to correctly determine values in life.

So what's really important? And what is important to them? What do you want to achieve?

I personally find that the only important thing is enlightenment!

Creating the conditions for the really big trip.


Do you have interest?