Das Buch - Diese Nacht ist vorbei

That night is over

Woke up at 5 a.m. like every day. The memories of the night evaporated. Yan Zi immediately made itself felt and planned to do something with him. After the, as always, short breakfast, he took it to an adjoining room. They were able to communicate well in the meantime and Yan Zi explained the further lessons to his student.

Das Buch - Ein schwerer Traum

A difficult dream

The dream had weakened him, made him so sick that he asked his master for a few days of rest, which he willingly approved because he could see for himself how pale Rainer looked and was actually not feeling well.

Das Buch - Die Damen hatten ihr Opfer gefunden

The women had found their victim.

He was sitting on a fallen tree, far from the danger spot. His
Survival instinct had saved him. It was very muggy. He sat there drenched in sweat. He felt great nausea and had to vomit frequently. After each drain, he was better for a few minutes to the next.

Das Buch - Shi Heng Jin

A great honor

With support, Yan Zi founded the temple in Great Britain and Rainer den in Germany.
The Abbot of the Shaolin Temple China, Shi Yong Xin, honored Rainer in the 45th year with a Buddhist monk's name.

Rainer became Shi Heng Jin.
Das Buch - Bodhidharma

Who was bodhidharma?

Damo lived from about 444 to 529, he was born in India or Persia and is said to have had blue eyes, which is why Chinese chronicles called him the 'blue-eyed devil'. He was also trained in Vajramushti (Indian) or Pahlavani (Persian), martial arts that had a great influence on later Shaolin Kung Fu.

Das Buch - Mein Grundtrainingsplan

My basic training

There is a part of strength training, a part with stretching exercises (yoga) and a meditation part. Relaxation is very important for people today, which is why relaxing exercises are presented at the end of the basic training plan.

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Thank you

I would like to thank all of my friends and acquaintances who have accompanied me through my life and have followed to this day. These are: My parents and daughter, my master Shi Yan Zi, the abbot Shi Yong Xin, Taema, Ta, Tian Tian & FHY, Georg, Rolf Liem, Carsten Ernst, Shi Heng Zong, Melena, Carsten Römer, Jan R., Bin, Heinz, Yannis, Lufti, Michail, Peter, Sven, Ümi, Tien Sy, Stefan Hammer, Andre Mewis, Billy, Traudi, Rainer Hackl, Hurz, Romano, Martin, Ashley, Dr. Thing. Special thanks go to my friend Karl Kronmüller. He always reminded me that today's times also need a positive story. The TV series "Kung Fu" with David Carradine, in the 70s, could be the guide, whereby my personal biography is understandably real. Since he did not let go, I gave him excerpts from my time at the monastery with documentation. I also told him a few stories about me that happened on the side.

The author

Karl Kronmüller

When I wrote this book I never realized whether the life achievements of the two, Herman Lehmann, the Apache and Comanche, and Rainer, the Shaolin, are comparable. While life under Apache was forced to survive and no voluntary farewell could have been possible, except for death, Rainer had the opportunity to say goodbye at any time. However, his doggedness, with the repressing of the western world of pleasure for him, the back and forth of emotional states, made him an extraordinary appearance as well. It was not a matter of days, months, but years of self-imposed discipline.
The name and title "Shaolin Rainer" was the result of my thoughts.

This book will accompany you throughout your life.

The focus is not only on the drama of the course of life, but on the lessons to be drawn from it in order to come to terms with it again.

Light movement exercises that can be used permanently, for fitness into old age. Combat positions for successful self-defense.

With nutritional recipes from the first source to the ideal weight.

Short meditation for better concentration.

Not just one book out of many.

A book for your time, which you no longer want to do without.

Personal protection against all kinds of negative events.

Shaolin Rainer - the first German recognized Shaolin - gives you all this on the way.

Protagonist & author

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