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A Stuttgart comes back and even generates interest in China!

Shaolin Rainer Presse

The Stuttgart Rainer Deyhle brought a still unknown part of China to Berlin in 2000. This in the form of the “Shaolin Tempel Germany". He was the first recognized German Shaolin himself.

His father, Rolf Deyhle, multiple billionaire, a world-famous musical and film producer and the only private person with the FIFA World Cup, also from Stuttgart, sponsored the temple in China with larger amounts. This out of conviction and contributing to the German-Chinese connection.

The Shaolin acrobats in Berlin and Kaiserslautern then became known not only in Germany, but now enjoy an international reputation. Traveling from their locations, they organize demonstrations of their unique arts worldwide, but also offer regional programs for private individuals, with stays in monasteries and advanced training courses.

It would therefore be remembered from the current occasion of the book publication “Shaolin Rainer“To call that, the Stuttgart alone Rainer Deyhle, in connection with his father, made this possible for the operators.

Also the Buddhism more popular in Germany.

Master Shi Yan Yi:


My (temple) brother Taema Jun (Shi Yan Yi), Master of Abbot Shi Heng Zong, holds from February 21. until February 23 a seminar at Shaolin Tempel Europe entitled "Who am I", info at

The death meditation

(after my dreams)

… Or: what's really important?

- Duration: approx. 5 minutes

This meditation can be disturbing to some people.

Think carefully about whether this exercise is suitable for you.

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the BOOK & #8211; Shaolin Rainer

I still attach great importance to the teachings of Buddha and their dissemination to this day, because I myself, during my complicated and difficult life course in my training as a recognized Shaolin, up to the founding of a temple, became a convinced Buddhist.

Temporary monastery

A week as a Shaolin monk | SWR people people

For many a long-cherished dream: To live like childhood TV heroes, like Captain Kirk in "Spaceship Enterprise" or Cane in the series "Kung Fu". This is exactly what Thomas, SWR editor and enthusiastic martial artist does. He lives and trains for a week with Shaolin monks at Shaolin Temple in Otterberg near Kaiserslautern. The Shaolin monks open their more than 1,500 year old tradition, which has long been secret knowledge, to the people of the West.

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