When I was young I loved 3D movies; today we don’t need to wear 3D glasses anymore, but these days we couldn’t enjoy three-dimensional images with our bare eyes, because we had to wear specially made glasses to watch the early 3D movies.


We are something like an audience who is fantastically drunk and forgets to take off their glasses despite the end of a 3D film.


With the brilliant development of IT science, we will believe that our true eyes are dazzled by the effects of the brilliant development, and that we can barely recognize the shape.


Already we can see our children walking on the streets looking at smartphones instead of their own eyes, but these things are not necessarily pessimistic.


Rather, wouldn’t there be more wise men by making it easier to understand that we live in a fantasy world than in the present generation?


It is also a delusion that, if people had seen the movement of people in paintings in Buddha’s generation, which had no movies back in time, and knew the principle, more Buddhas would have been born through understanding.


If you don’t distinguish between the ways of performance that are not suitable for the times, it is more difficult to distinguish between the ways of performing that are not right for the time, and for that reason, the term enlightenment has disappeared at some point.


That’s why we wake up many people to Zen’s teachings that have continued to develop through prehistory.


To add one thing to this, we have a strong habit of listening to it in our thoughts and following it, so that can be happen now, that you can lose your essence, while you listen to my story now, search for 3D movies because you’re suddenly interested or you look at the scriptures for enlightenment, and you go wrong way, then you can be a Buddhist doctor.


doctor of Buddhist studies may have a higher salary than a Buddha, but you are still in your dream.

Wisdom without enlightenment is often poisonous.


In Buddhism, this world is often said that all of this is a dream, an illusion.


Some people might say, „If you cut your hand with a knife, it will hurt and bleed, then how can you say that, is it just a dream?“


My answer is yes! In 3D theater, it would be okay for everyone to know, enjoy, and scream, but how long will you have to continue to do what your acquaintances come running to comfort you, whenever you scream in a nightmare?


So you must wake up, then you will know it.


This is the realization.


Nothing much.


Nothing new to learn or know.


Take off the 3D glasses if you’ve seen the 3D movie!


Text by: Zimo Jun, Seoul, Korea

– Shaolin Temple brother of Rainer –