The only thing I must do before I die is to know where to go.


You will end your life in pain and fear on the day of death with a nervousness, like the homework you put off for long, and it will never pass through the last moment as easy or fast as you imagine, and if the memory is strong, you may take a journey of unwanted reincarnation, due to the intensity of pain and the habit of life forever.


Why do you still waste your life putting aside the most important thing in life? If the Buddha’s words, „Everyone is already Buddha,“ are overlooked in his narrow view, the Buddha’s words have already tied you up.


If you already believe the word of Buddha, don’t be conceited and prove yourself.

Don’t listen to others, don’t read them, and prove yourself, even if it’s Buddha’s words.


There is no fixed path to enlightenment as in our lives, and if someone insists that „this is the path to enlightenment,“ he will one day be left alone on his path to enlightenment.


If you can’t finish this work when you’re alive, no matter how great an achievement you made in your lifetime, it’s just a waste of time.


There’s no sin and no punishment for what happened in the dream. It’s all a dream.


If you don’t like this saying and think of yourself as a courageous person, don’t dwell on taking care of your own body anymore, but look back on yourself at least once in your life.


Don’t you feel sorry for yourself if you’re dragged away without knowing where to go? Would it comfort you to tell yourself that everyone lives that way?


Would you comfort yourself with other people’s thoughts, show off your knowledge, and insist on your realization of life, and memorize them like parrots in front of Death’s Hand?


Everyone in the world will be buried in the ground on the last day, so if you can’t believe what I’m saying, touch the dirt with your bare hands.


How can you not call a man, who has never known you and me, by my self of his life a fool?


If you don’t know who you are, you don’t even want to know who you are, and if you only respond to bread and money to fill your stomach for the rest of your life, you’re a fool and foolish.


Finding me is neither a difficult nor an easy thing, and it is easy and not too difficult.


It’s a funny comedy that I’m looking for me.


What would I do if I didn’t know me?


If you don’t know about yourself, you have figure it out before you eat.


Because this thing is the most urgent thing is this job, and this is the only key to all the doors, and also the every doors in your life will open.


That is the experience and substance of the day when all efforts  stopped by the glare of the stars one morning after the trial and error of a six-year ordeal of a young Indian man 2500 years ago.


Prove yourself, look at your mind. Only the one, you can’t think of it, that’s it!


Text by: Zimo Jun, Seoul, Korea

– Shaolin Temple brother of Rainer –