Chan, Zen, Seon are Zen’s pronunciation from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Like this, the pronunciation is different in each of them, but they are pointing to one goal, it is enlightenment. So the meaning of each word doesn’t matter. They are like tools to reach the goal.

In other words, Taekwondo, Karate or Kung Fu are in the big picture, it’s all the same. as getting health by polishing it. Of course, people in each of their countries will argue that their own style is better, but what we want is its utility value, whatever it may be.

So I want you to think that whatever word I say, I’m talking about only enlightenment, because enlightenment is the only answer to all the questions in the world, and everything else wastes time.

If you have the right eyes, prove yourself and prove Buddha, it is foolish to just blindly follow someone. As mentioned earlier, letters and language have no special meaning for us.

The Buddha’s words compare our suffering to poison arrows, what if we were poisoned now, would we give up the golden time, thinking about where this arrow flew from and where to find a doctor?

If I can meet the doctor closest to me, is he the doctor of my destiny, and the best doctor who can save me now, is the doctor before my eyes.

So what is the realization that made Buddha exist?

It is at the top of all religions in a large way, and in a small way is our true nature. No matter how you explain the realization, it is wrong.

But I know I can’t say, but I can’t help but say something, and whatever it is, it’s just the way people broke the wrong views and stereotypes they had with negative words.

So while I’m writing it now, it’s only natural that I feel like I’m a fool, but it’s inevitable and it’s something I’ll have to do for the rest of my life, as the people ahead have done. The only reason I can’t help but explain it is because whatever I say, everything is that, even breathing also, then what else?

For example, I’m going to express something. Listen and guess. He is a male, hot-tempered but sweet most of time, and he likes to play ballgames. His name is Zen, he is my dog. Among you, the one who got the answer right, „That’s your dog!“ is the one who is very close to enlightenment. If you know the answer already, it’s so easy, but you don’t know the answer, it’s really hard to know. It’s like a realization.

Because the word „He“ exists in different countries in the world, but the shape is countless.

There are countless men in the world, countless physical conditions, and countless standards of smartness, the degree and feeling also all different, and the names of people are unique and difficult to pronounce in each country, if you don’t know the country, it is hard to tell whether they are human names or not.

What I try to say is the difficulty of what I’m trying to explain. Later, when you heard the answer, you knew it already, and you rested too much, but you can’t remember it when you didn’t.

That’s why you have to listen people who knows about it again and again.

This is the only way. Longing and perseverance for it.

There is nothing else to know or learn about enlightenment. You just have to collect the curtain that covers you and also you are not the thoughts, feelings. So Buddha says he has nothing to give.

The saying that there’s nothing else to give is, that you already have it.

That’s why I said it’s easy and so difficult, also it’s difficult and so easy.


Text by: Zimo Jun, Seoul, Korea

– Shaolin Temple brother of Rainer –